About us

Rejuven Dermaceutical is a joint venture established by returnee scientists and entrepreneursin Hangzhou in 2014. The company is committed to research, development, and application of novel biologics to improve human life quality, particularly in the area of medical esthetics.

“Rejuven”is coined from“rejuvenate or rejuvenation", reminiscent of freshness and vitality regenerated from the aging process. The company Chinese name, “Guan Su”, comes from ancient Chinese character combination and means “awakening of hidden beauty”, echoing the concept of rejuvenation.

Rejuven has put together a professional team for scientific excellence with its latest focus on the fields of fat tissue remodelingby local injection, permanent scar treatment, and cellulite treatment.


Biological innovation for the benefit of mankind


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Core Values

Innovation, Efficiency, Integrity, Cooperation

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