Drug Candidate Profile

Conventional liposuction is surgically invasive, traumatic and costly. Rejuven is developing a novel biological drug candidate, RJV001, to remove undesired subcutaneous fat tissues after local injection. It is supposed to be user-friendly and safe with fast recovery, compared to the current liposuction procedures.

RJV001 is a natural collagenase but engineered to have one amino acid in the vicinity of it enzymatic activity center replaced with a different one, resulting in a novel collagen-degrading enzyme exhibiting reduced activity and increased stability. Once injected into the subcutaneous fat tissues of obese mice, rabbits or minipigs, as demonstrated by clinical investigations, RJV001 dissociates adipocytes (fat cells) and removes the fat tissue around the injection site without causing significant adverse effects.

Kybella (Allergan), a formulation of deoxylic acid, was approved by US FDA to remodel submental fat tissues in 2015. Kybella works by inserting into the cell membrane of adipocytes and thus destroying adipocytes by a cell death program called necrosis. Necrosis would discharge cell contents and lead to inflammation. RJV001 did not destroy the cells; instead, it digests the collagen fibers, a major component of the extracellular matrix (ECM), and releases the adipocytes from the ECM. The dissociated adipocytes undergo a different cell death program called apoptosis and cleared by host immune system. By contrast to the small chemical molecule Kybella, RJV001 is a large protein with limited diffusion capability once in the fat tissue, which may partly account for its better safety profile.

Product Advantages

- User Friendly -

Minimally invasive, Minimum recovery, No disruption of social activity

- Safe -

No open surgery, No infection, Little adverse effect

- Effective -

Novel mechanism of action, Fat remodeling with a biologic, Clinical studies in the US

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