Intellectual Properties

Intellectual Properties

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美国发明专利:Modified mutant collagenase and its use in fat melting and in scar reduction
授权公众号:US 8,617,543 B2

       A Clostridium histolyticum collagenase ColH melts adipose tissue when injected into selected regions of the body. This protein product melts fat pads effectively in fat rat experiments, with very little side effects. Very little hemorrhage was observed. We also invent a new version of ColH mutant by linking a peptide motif CKGGRAKDC-G (varyingfrom 2 to 6 Gs) (SEQ ID NO: 2) in front of ColH (called topical ColH-FM), which can target to white fat vasculature. By combining with novel transdermal technology (such as Hydroxysome technology), we develop a topicalprotein cream that can melt fat. This product can be used ascellulite cream and for chemical liposuction. This topical ColH-FM can also be injected into adipose tissue as a replacement for liposuction or as an adjunct method with liposuction. Since raise scar is formed by overgrowth of collagen, ourtopical ColH-FM cream is shown to have application in scarreduction.

授权公众号:CN 101678088 B

       一种变异溶组织梭状芽胞杆菌 ( Clostridium his­tolyticum ) 胶原蛋白酶,当注射入身体指定位置时可以溶解脂肪组织。这种蛋白产品在肥胖大鼠实验中溶解脂肪垫非常有效,只有极少的副作用,观察到很少量的出血。我们还发明了一种新的ColH突变体,该突变体在ColH前连接有肽基序 CKGGRAKDC - Gx ( x 为 2 - 6 个 G ) ,称为表皮 ColH - FM ,能够靶向针对白色肪垫结构。结合新颖的透皮吸收技术( 例如 Hydrox­ ysome 技术) ,我们开发了一种可以溶解脂肪的表皮蛋白霜剂。这种产品可以用作脂肪分解霜和化学吸脂剂。这种 ColH - FM 还可以注射入脂肪组织,作为脂肪抽吸术的替代手段或辅助方法。 因为凸起的疤痕是由胶原蛋白的过度生长形成的,本发明的变异 ColH 或 ColH - FM 霜剂可以用于减少疤痕。

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