Preclinical Findings on Rejuven’s RJV001 Getting Published in PLOS ONE

Rejuven, an innovative biotechnical company committed to dermatology study, is developing recombinant collagenase RJV001 which will degrade collagens of extracellular matrix and deprive cells of nourishment so as to induce cells death. It can be widely applied to local lipolysis & shaping such as treating double chin & cellulite. RJV001 is a mutant collagenase produced by E.coli expression system. Compared with collagenase ColH sourced from Clostridium histolyticum RJV001 has a lower specific activity and milder enzymolysis. Rejuven has completed preclinical study on RJV001 and relevant findings have recently been published with a topic of Safe and Effective Subcutaneous Adipolysis in Minipigs by a Collagenase Derivative in PLOS ONE, a comprehensive journal of Public Library of Science. Please find out more about the paper by the link:

According to the preclinical study results RJV001 can reduce minipigs’ local fat safely and effectively. Rejuven has submitted IND to FDA by the end of 2020 and Phase 1 clinical study is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. 


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